Tuesday, 31 May 2011

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According to the reports, Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are now planning to get married in July.

The American Actress as well as producer Meg Ryan, 49, and her current boyfriend John Mellencamp, 59, who is an American rocker, are now planning to tie the knot in July despite the fact that Mellencamp is still married to Elaine Irwin. In addition to the reports, Meg Ryan was seen in February wearing a huge ring on her finger and lots of people thought that Ryan and Mellencamp were already engaged.

The couple who only dated earlier this year recently announced their plans of getting married to the members of their family. Based on the reports, the children of John were all surprised. A source stated on the National Enquirer that the children of John did not think that their father should tie the knot so fast. However, John Mellencamp told his children that Meg Ryan was the woman he always wanted.

Mellencamp recently filed a divorce for his third wife, Elaine Irwin, who said to be a super model. The divorce that has been filed is not final yet and was currently on process. John and Elaine have been together for almost 18 years. Nevertheless, the reports said that Mellencamp will invite his former wife, Irwin to their upcoming wedding.

Based on the reports, Ryan’s upcoming wedding with the rocker John was supposedly her second because of the reason that Ryan was first married to Dennis Quaid and the two had their child Jack Henry, 18.

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